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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birds in Hampi

Hampi, once capital of Vijaynagar empire, is now a world heritage site. The extent and magnificence of the Vijaynagar empire can be experienced here, while exploring remnants of the city that are spread over few hundred square kilometers. 

The ruins, surrounding paddy fields, banana plantations and rocky surroundings provide diverse ecosystems for our avian friends. Here are some of the common ones which can be found while exploring Hampi & its surroundings.

Rock pigeons in Temple Courtyards

Green bee-eater amongst monument ruins

Cormorant near Pushkarni ( Stepwells)
 Ashy Sparrow Lark in Royal Enclosure

 Scaly Breasted Munia amongst Banana plantations
 Spotted Owlet nesting in City Walls