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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saarika - The Garrulous Myana

The balcony of our fifth floor residence is a happening spot for birds.We have variety of visitors landing in our balcony to drink or bathe in a shallow earthen water bowl. The cool shade of the flower pots is a summer time siesta spot. Bulbul, pigeon, crows, sparrows, squirrel, sun birds and mynas are the regular ones. Have spotted a besra/ shikra,/ sparrowhawk couple of times, sunning itself on the balcony railing. (will have pictures in later post)

Myana is one of the most entertaining visitors. It practices it vocal chords, emitting different types of sounds ranging from sweet cooing to harsh crowing. It sometimes fluffs it plumage and dances a crazy circular dance. One can often see 4-5 mynas perched on different levels of the building have a loud argument.

Myanas have devised another use for the bowl. Twigs, leaves and grass are soaked in water; softened sufficiently to be woven into a nest. Raw material for nest building are also sourced by these intelligent scavengers from flower pots and cloths line in the balcony.

After the eggs hatched, young ones were spreading their wings; and the balcony became a training ground. Captured pictures of the myanah family during one of their practise sessions.

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  1. :) lovely pictures !!
    they are truly the most talkative of all

    congrats and keep it up