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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Barbets lunching in Up market tree

The peepal tree offers a feast of figs from end winter to spring season. Its a banquet time, eagerly awaited by the city dwelling birds. Parrots, sparrows and even squirrels can be seen having their fill. One of the not so common bird which can be spotted especially around this time of the year is the barbet.
Strolling in market near office, I saw a pair of barbets; with green feathers and brownish head and beak. They were well camouflaged in the foliage as they lunched on the abundant figs growing on branches of the dense tree.

Brown Headed Barbet

Checked the Pocket Guide to The Birds of Indian Subcontinent to find out about this beautiful and unusual bird, which turned out to be a Brown Headed Barbet. It is known as bada basanta in the North Indian plains.
Managed to get a few photos using phonecam, while sorely missing my Lumix FZ30. One of the barbets, being more inquisitive, came closer to find out why it was being given more attention than the display windows and advertisements.

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