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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Furry Friend

The most eagerly awaited day of a working week is Friday. This holds true for our office too. This is also the day, when we take a break from the computer and desk job routine, for an hour of yoga. Deviating from the Avian theme, by featuring a health conscious mammal, who visits balcony at home.

This furry friend, a squirrel,  is seen practicing yoga asanas here. Revealed here, is the secret behind strength and agility, that enables our furry friend to scale vertical walls and catwalk on tightropes.  Watch closely.

Ready - Steady- Go

Stretching to warm up those muscles
Can you touch your nose......with your toes
Try this... Paschimottanasana
Exercising with instruments

Relaxing after strenuous workout session
Whew ... those asanas were something... Hope you enjoyed this break.. Will return to our Feathered friends now.. watch out for future breaks.. keep fit


  1. Nice cute ones...Loved the stretch one..

  2. Not to forget the healthy diet of tulsi seeds it has been devouring :)